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Need tech support? feel free to ask on our live support forum available 24/7

 ( your questions stick and never get lost )

Resellers wanted! click here for more details


PLEASE BOOKMARK THESE PAGES: NOTE: We don’t use paypal for support “if” you open a dispute ticket with paypal you’ll be banned from the entire market and jvzoo. Refunds should be handled via the sources below.

Having technical issues? Didn’t receive your purchase?  Simply forward your receipt and we’ll grant you access no questions at all: available 24/7!

Have general questions? Use our public forum! Questions stick here and  help everyone within out community.

Did you run into an urgent issue? Contact our support staff  *****but please make sure you aware of these times 11AM – 2PM EST******

Our phone support line is available as well1-800-219-1314 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday “11AM – 2PM -EST” ) *****If we don’ answer the first try to leave a message with your email and receipt number and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. But 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a quick reply using the sources above*****

Once again thank you! and we are looking forward toward supporting you and your business. But most importantly helping you hit the TOP! 

All the best, Guillermo Mata & Red Torrent Media – Support Staff

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